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Why should I have a security system installed?

There are so many reasons why you should get a new security system fitted. Just one reason why you should opt to have a security system installed is that it will protect your residential or commercial property from theft or trespassers. Certain insurance companies also demand an alarm to be fitted so your policy can be validated. In certain instances, having a security system fitted can also lower your premiums.

Is there going to be a lot of disruption while the work is being performed?

With any job that is performed, there is always going to be a certain amount of disruption. However, our team have great expertise in what they do and always ensure to treat properties and households with the utmost respect. Moreover, our team always make sure to clear away mess when the job has been completed and leave the house exactly as we found it.

Are your engineers reliable? Is it okay if I am absent while the work takes place?

Our team is very reliable and we have an excellent track record. If you are content to leave us to work on your site, without your presence, we can do so. We can carry out all work that is required and get in touch with you when the work has been completed.

Are security systems costly to fit?

Security system installations do not need to be obscenely expensive. The costs can differ, depending on the sort of work that you would like carried out. Though of course, you cannot put a price on security!

I have a system that was fitted by a different company that no longer exists. Would you be able to take over the maintenance?

Of course! Many systems can be maintained by us and there are only a few exceptions. These are usually the systems that are installed by the larger companies that often have closed software. When we have examined the system that you have fitted at present, we can determine whether or not we can service it and let you know.

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